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First of all, thanks for this new very promizing piece of software !

The features and the interface are impressive.

While doing some first tests, I have not found a way to adress my RME outputs via its ASIO driver. The only possibility seems to select a stereo output (Windows 10).

Is there something I have missed, or is this not available yet ?

Best regards,

Thank you for your words

Audio drivers can be selected in the Setup/Audio menu
see screenshot included.
If there are no asio drivers, it's not normal... I'll check on my side.

It must be in the Drivers / Input list ?

No, there is no ASIO driver, only a list of available inputs/outputs in the form of multi stereo ones.

Uploaded files:
  • ST01.png

This problem is now identified and will be fixed on Monday with the release of an update. Thanks for your post

The drivers are now perfectly managed, thanks !