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Beta - beware

It appears that this release is a bit premature.  It seems more like a beta release than a fully functional software application.  There are some good ideas and attributes here, and with effort it will perhaps become a strong addition to current tools for ambisonic research.  However, there are a number of apparent bugs that makes getting to the level of actually testing the ambisonic attributes very difficult at this time.  The software is also expensive - especially for a beta release.  Thus, beware.  It may be that my trusting nature had me purchasing this tool a bit prematurely.

Note: the software "may" work on the Mac platform.  I have been testing on Windows 7 64 in stand-alone mode ONLY  and have encountered issues that make the software as currently on this platform unusable for creative work.

The manual is, as is often the case with new tools, woefully inadequate.  It does not have sufficient detail on features - some features are undocumented - in particular examples of how to interface with established DAW tools - ProTools, Nuendo and so on.  For professional applications in post-production and electroacoustic composition it will be important to support such tools beyond the Ableton Live implementation template as provided.  Albeton Live is not an established post-production platform for film.  I have not tested this software with Ableton, but the bugs that I am noting would not be resolved in any case - at least not in the Windows application.

I plan to test with Mac shortly.  However, in the meantime, I would be interested to confer with other early-adopters to see if we can sort out some of the undocumented or poorly documented features collaboratively and, of course, the bugs.

Hopefully, the fundamental issues will be resolved soon and the software will begin to improve.

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I'm here to correct errors and respond to your remarks.
I am sorry for these problems, which will be corrected quickly.

What is the progress on fixing the bugs?  Is there hope, or is a refund the best option?


The new updated version will be released this weekend. A newsletter will be sent to all registered users.

thank you for your patience