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Bug List for v1.0.1

Please use this topic to list bugs in Sound Trajectory version 1.0.1.



Will do.  Will begin testing here today.  Thanks so much for the new software update.  This will be good!


It is not a bug, but perhaps a potential problem : in one Windows 10 computer I have to select the "Windows 8 compatibility mode" to make ST load. If not, when launched there is some activity but nothing else happends.
It is a rather old Windows 10 build.
In another Windows 10 one, regularly updated, ST launches normally.

I don't know if the Windows 10 version can be the culprit, but except from the hardware, it is the only difference I can see.

I found a some problem with auto-mute. New update tomorrow, ST 1.0.2,  Monday, January 22nd with support for rearoute.