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I have made some test on two Windows 10 computers,  one laptop with a 2 years Core i5 and a PC with a good quad Core i7, both with the Intel graphic cards.

In both cases, the interface makes slow redraws when changing the editors or drawing automations.
On the Core i5 the CPU use is also rather high when doing nothing.

Is this an optimization problem that will be adressed in future updates, or does ST needs a special graphic card ?
I will try with the reduced options as indicated in the Notes Release.

Cpu consumption is normal, this does not affect the sound path performance. The next updates will solve this ecological problem...

Sound Trajectory requires an openGL 1.2 compatible graphics card and the resources required are relatively low. Intel graphic cards under 5 years old are enough.
If the card's capacity is reduced, it is possible to limit the information to be displayed in the setup/viewer menu.

If the sound card is not configured and the sound is turned on, the interface may be slow, this case will be corrected for the next update.

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I am surprised the software works at all.  Are you able to load samples? Do original work? Etc.?