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Missing Licence Key

Hi There,

yesterday I've bought Sound Trajectory from tripn'lab online shop. Where can I find the Licence Key? I didn't recieved any confirmation email with it. In my download area I have a download info which are basically the release notes. Under Product in my download area I have Sound Trajectory Licence, this leads me to the sound trajectory online shop site.

My account is jewgeni.birkhoff

Please help.

Best Jeff 


Sorry for this problem

I have send you a copy of the original mail with your licence code.

Can you check your spam box again ?


Hi Max, thank you for your feedback. I didn't recieved neither the original mail nor the copy. I checked my spam folder as well.

Usually I recieve all promotional mails from tripnlab without problems. Should we try another email adress?

I will try to change it in my account and will send you an email as well.


strange,  I have send again your licence with my personal email.