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new version 2.0.0

Dear Users,

A new version of Sound Trajectory is available to download.

We have taken into account all your precious opinions collected over the past 4 years. The interface keeps the exact same logic while benefiting from some ergonomic improvements. Also, some new features are waiting for you.

The audio inputs have been completely revamped. Each tracks have their own audio engine and it is now possible to combine multi-channel, ambisonics and Distance Based Amplitude Panning (DBAP) tracks

For multipoint broadcasting and electroacoustic music concerts, a specific track type is now dedicated to the routing of loudspeaker orchestras.

A new multi-delay effect allows you to create unprecedented spatial textures, chipping away at your sounds along the trajectories.

Last but not least, the application is fully compatible with Apple Silicon and benefits greatly from this new architecture.

For the moment, the release is still confidential, The time for our small team to document properly the new features with examples of use cases in both studio & live conditions, making good use of the ADM-OSC syntax and the Dolby Atmos production workflows.

In a near future, numerous applications will complete the Sound Trajectory Ecosystem including new tools and instruments dedicated to sound in space.

Also, we will soon announce some new training courses in Marseille (South of France) estimated to be available starting from March.

We invite you to share your questions, thoughts and projects through our forums.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Maxence Mercier & Philippe Roger

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on Feb. 04. I purchased an upgrade to ST2. When I click on the download-link I will be redirected to the store. So I downloaded the demo but when I try to register, my Email adress and serial number is not accepted. Also SP1 now runs in demo mode. What is going wrong? Since then I wrote several Mails to the support but until now I got no answer: What about the Tripinlab support???

Best regards,

August B. Raring

Hello Abraring

Thanks for your upgrade.  We are sorry for the emails you sent us. We have replied to them but unfortunately it seems that they did not reach you. Could you please confirm that you did not receive anything in your spam?

There is indeed a bug that prevents the two versions of Sound Trajectory V1 and V2 from being used in parallel. This problem will be fixed in the next update of V2. We are trying to send you your license information with an alternative email address.

There is only one address to download Sound Trajectory:
You need to register your license inside the software.


Maxence Mercier

Hello Mercier

I do not know what went wrong but I did not recieve any mail from you, also no spam, definetly!

Meanwhile I got your personal mail and all problems are solved. Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards

August B. Raring

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I am having the exact same problem with my upgrade license being rejected. How do I solve it?