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OSC Cue Sands from Ableton ST_Cue

Hi, can't I have tried all possible but I can't send the OSC Cue from Ableton ST_Cue. I have turned "Cue Remote ON" in ST, and all other OSC based things are working just fine. Also the OSC monitor in ST shows that I'm receiving the /cue/index but nothing happens with the cues.

Any help would be much apreciated.

I have the same problem here. it's a bug...  will be corrected quickly with a new update. Today or tomorrow.

Thanks, great software and great support.




The new update is online and the problem is now fixed. The m4l is updated too, you need  use m4l from the folder /data/tools/m4l

I move this topic in bug category for ST 1.0.5