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Still not a working software! Was indicated for January 15.

The software still has not been updated and it does not work on either WIN or OSX.  The main issue is that you cannot load your own sounds.  The "sampler" does not read files.  There is also a lack of clarity for format, SR and Bit Depth for files.  All the examples show FLAC but FLAC or not this aspect of the software does not work.  Therefore, it is impossible to test and assess this software for professional creative use!

Here is a bug (among many):  When "resetting the sampler with the reset button we have this: no indication for drag/drop of samples - which is a main bug in any case.

Otherwise, in the second image, we have a sampler without files - note the indication for drag/drop is there.

These people need good beta testers and also someone to write the manual. Currently, the manual is a disappointment and lacks sufficient details, templates and topics.  Much of the interface is not detailed or explained sufficiently.

Still not ready for "prime time."



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The new updated version will be released this weekend. A newsletter will be sent to all registered users.

thank you for your patience