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Stuck on the loading

Hey Max
im interested in purchasing but no idea how to even start with the demo - after creating a project it just seems to hang on this screen. (menus are accessible and sound card is set)
I want to use this with ableton live mainly (assuming that it has all the control) I dloaded the ableton template but stuck on the actual software 🙂
Any ideas as to how to proceed
Uploaded files:
  • stuck.JPG

Me too, stuck ..

I have reinstalled ST1.9 with the latest download ( windows 10 ) , could start the demo mode ..  but couldn t save

checked my licence - licence is already activated

rebooted PC

started ST1.9

stuck again ..

It looks very much like an autho issue if I may suggest, or is the update to v2 the only way out ? meaning extra cost ?

any suggestion ?

thank you