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very newbie question: does not launch properly

hi, I'm trying miniST, before buying, but I can't get it to load properly. It asks me to chose sound driver, and accepts my choice of mme, which I use in Premiere and Audacity, but after I can't load a sample project or create a new project, the interface is super slow, and if I leave and start again, it takes a couple tries before it will load... it starts to load, suspends, and crashes [invisibly... I open the process viewer to see this]. I've also tried directsound, same effect. Is there some simple conflict or other I can try to at least get past this initial roadblock? Thanks! Very much want to try!



If you don't have an "asio" sound card, please try to install asio4all:

what is your operating system, processor, memory and free hard drive space?



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thanks, I added a usb asio card I have, and I got through the above [also, didn't realize it was a 1080 interface]. Now, to figure out how to make it play!  Thank you for a speedy response!