Sound Trajectory give tools for create new sound space


Manage the positions of your sound sources by drawing their path in a 3D space.

Motion Listener

The listener can track a trajectory or move freely according to natural or extravagant movements!


The sampler plays the audio samples along the trajectories.

interactive mapping

interactives events from audio, midi & osc actions

Use the ST mode that you need

Full | Mix | Sampler | Control

Sound Trajectory offer many different features. A dedicated mode and modular interface for each specific use with only that you need  with more powerful specification.

All mode include in STsuite



Sound Trajectory version 1.x


Suite Edu


Sound Trajectory version 1.x


masteR audio space

Spot to learn Sound Trajectory

Learn how to use all facets of Sound Trajectory at the LMA research center in Marseille / France, accessible easily in Technopole of Chateaux-Gombert.  In one week, you will learn and experience all aspects of the Sound Trajectory in real life on a 24-voice 3D ambisonic device.