Game changer

for music mixing

Sound Trajectory  give all tools for mix and create new sound space


Manage the positions of your sound sources by drawing their path in a 3D space.

Motion Listener

The listener can track a trajectory or move freely according to natural or extravagant movements!


The sampler plays the audio samples along the trajectories.

interactive mapping

interactives events from audio, midi & osc actions

Use the ST version that you need

Sound Trajectory offer many different features. A dedicated version for each specific use with only that you need  offer more powerful specification.



Standard version & licence for all version




up to 64 inputs




up to 64 voices




for control other by osc


ST mix, ST sampler & ST control will be available in june 19. In the meantime ST is available on promotion at 199€

masteR audio space

Spot to learn Sound Trajectory

Learn how to use all facets of Sound Trajectory at the LMA research center in Marseille / France, accessible from anywhere in the world by plane, train and boat.  In one week, you will learn and experience all aspects of the Sound Trajectory in real life on a 24-voice 3D ambisonic device.