Sound Trajectory v2. EDU


For EDU or non-profit use

Available for students, teachers, or non-profit use.

You are considered as a non-profit user if you don’t make money with Sound Trajectory.

Sound Trajectory is a creative software dedicated to sound spatialization for video, cinema, vr, music, sound design in studio or live.
It features a mixing module and sampler based on editable trajectory control. Its ambisonic rendering engine has 64 inputs to interface with existing DAWs. The control of the trajectory and the triggering of the samples are editable by osc and midi.



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Sound Trajectory software version 2.x – Windows and Mac

perpetual licence

Sound Trajectory v2 is not yet available, but if you want to order version 2 now, you can receive a version 1 key on request to wait for the official release of v2. The official release is planned for the end of February 2022. A beta version will be available at the end of January 2022.