input Volume and vu-meters of audio inputs
sampler Sampler output volume before ambisonic mixing
output Volume and vu-meters of the mix of the audio inputs and the sampler
sub Output volume of the bass channel
Aux Volume and editor of ambisonic auxiliary channel

The audio engine automatically adapts to the amount of audio sources and speakers, it uses an encoding chaining and decoder ambisonic adaptable from 1st to 7th order according to the configuration of inputs and outputs.

All output channels are processed by a cross-over filter redirecting the low frequencies to the Sub channel. The cutoff frequency is adjustable between 5 and 500hz in the setup / audio / HP filter menu.

Aux render


type encoding type: FUMA, N3D or SN3D (ambiX) from 1st to 3rd order

The auxiliary bus is encoded in ambisonic format defined by the type menu.

info on encoding types:

Synoptic of the Audio Engine