This page is the starting point for any project done with Sound Trajectory.

../interface-illustration/session-panel/session-panel-white.png Access the download page for software updates.
../interface-illustration/session-panel/session-panel-white.png User License Manage


Define Folder specifies the user folder where all user sessions will be created or loaded.

The drop-down menu gives access to the available sessions.


All sessions created will be stored in the folder defined in the “User session” box, it is imperative that this address be defined before creating a session.

Tracks number of tracks.
Inputs number of audio inputs.
Speakers The menu allows you to select speaker configuration presets.

A track can have up to 10 sound sources managed in groups.

Groups will be defined in the source page, but when creating a session you must define the number of audio inputs to activate.


2 stereo tracks 4 inputs (2 tracks x 2 sources)
3 tracks quadri 12 inputs (3 tracks x 4 sources)
5 tracks Dolby Atmos Bed 45 inputs (5 tracks x 9 sources)

All of these settings are editable from the Source and Speaker pages.