Reset Sound Trajectory Setup

To troubleshoot issues with Sound Trajectory, it can be helpful to reset ST to its default settings in case the problem has been caused by corrupted setting files.
Resetting ST won’t delete any important files, such as session files and presets.

In order to perform this reset of ST, please take the following steps:

1. Close Sound Trajectory

2. Delete the files “st.pref” and “STsetup.json” in the folder: ../ST-folder/data/system/preference/

3. Restart Sound Trajectory

ST’s preferences will be deleted; audio and MIDI hardware needs to be setup again, folder setup and custom preferences need to be set again

If Sound Trajectory crash or free

– try to change the mode: Suite, sampler, control…
– create a new session
– try the sampler mode and load the sampler demo

if it doesn’t work, make sure to unplug your USB/midi devices and keep only one ASIO audio card connected to your machine.

Since the new version build for Catalina, ST (Sound Trajectory ) can be sometime very long to load. ( we will try to reduce that for next version)

On some old machine you need probably wait one minute before look the mainpage but after that, the software run normaly.

You can eventually check the processus and kill ST if is blocked for any reason, then restart ST.