Space Designer


The Space Designer exposes the parameters of the virtual sound space.

offset Offset height of the virtual space
height Height of the virtual space
depth Depth of virtual space
width Width of virtual space
virtual Dimension of virtual space for all audio simulation
real Dimension of real space for speaker alignment calculation
Features – works with the dimension of virtual space
doppler works with the dimension of virtual space
Air absorption Mixing of the filtering effect of high frequencies with distance

Attenuation Distance

Acoustic/free Switch between physical and free acoustic attenuation rules
start Attenuation in db of the center
center Center size
limit Limit of the virtual space
Slider start Powcoef
Slider limit Powcoef


Two types of reverb are available. One uses a standard digital, the other uses IR (Impulse response) samples.


The IR samples of the convolution reverb are stored in the folder:


You can import new pulses in wav or aiff format into this folder. If necessary, restart the application so that they appear in the IR-file selection menu