Session files

Sound Trajectory generates several files to store the parameters of a session. These are saved in the folder with the name of the session. Session folders are stored in the user folder defined in the session page.


My-session_track.json Source mapping, position and trajectory parameters
My-session_audiomix.json Mixer and Space designer settings
My-session_sampler.json File name of audio samples and settings
My-session_listener.json Listener position and parameters
My-session.STconf Configuring audio inputs, tracks and speakers
My-session_STspeaker setup of  the speakers
My-session_source.json Sources definition
Sample folder for compatibility with futur version of ST
Vst folder store fxp file from Aux Vst plugin


In normal use, the user does not need to modify these files. They are however editable with a text editor. It is also possible to reuse the files of a session by renaming them by the name of the desired session