Tools for 2D and 3D sound spatialization

Developed by the GRIS.
(Groupe de Recherche en Immersion Spatiale)

An OSC plugin

ControlGRIS is a plugin (Mac AU/VST/VST3 format) designed to create multichannel space. It allows the user to design sound trajectories in 2D or in 3D under any shape of of speakers. It includes two spatialization modes, DOME and CUBE with a lot of new features. Automated Trajectories are included. OSC external sources such as Open Source Control or Lemur  for iPad are provided.  ControlGRIS receives and send OSC data.

A sound space spatialization software

The SpatGRIS2 is an external multichannel sound spatializer for different configurations of speakers in 2D or 3D. The SpatGRIS2 may include up to 128 inputs and outputs. The movements are received from the ControlGRIS or from any OSC device. The audio spatialization itself is made by the SpatGRIS2 and sent to the audio interface. DOME, CUBE, BINAURAL and STEREO modes are available. It is based on the JackRouter HAL plugin which is installed at the same time as the software. SpatGRIS2 is multiclient and it includes a multitrack recorder. The Speaker setup design is made within the software.