Compute rate calculation speed of audio parameters in Fps
Smoot motion factor smoothing factor of calculated values, attenuation of sudden movements


Trajectory intensity of trajectory
Gridspace intensity of grid on the ground of virtualized space
Light space light intensity of virtualized space
Attn map light intensity of attenuation map
Cube box light intensity of the box viewing
Background color background of 3D visualization (black to white)
Light interface light intensity interface (black to white)
Sphere representation of a sphere in the center of the stage
Space representation of virtualized space volume

Virtual screen

Enables viewing of a virtual video screen.

You can specify the type of entry and the type of representation in the 3D viewer.

The internal video player loads the majority of video file formats and resolutions. However, high resolutions and heavy compression formats can slow down the program.

For best performance, use Syphon, Spout, or a video capture card. With these inputs, the video feedback in Sound Trajectory does not affect the responsiveness of the program.